Raclette! How I love you so…

Bonjour my friends,

It is officially winter. Do you know why? Because I had my first Raclette party a few weeks ago! I absolutely LOVE Raclette. For those who never had the pleasure to enjoy that delicious meal, Raclette is a cow’s milk cheese that you melt and pour on potatoes. It is usually served with an assortment of cold meats, some salad and my personal favorite: Cornichons. It is the perfect meal for a dinner party with friends, and the easiest to prepare as a host. All you need to do is put the Raclette on a pretty platter, do the same with the assortment of cold meats, prepare a salad (at least one thing on the table has to be “healthy”) and own a Raclette machine. By the way, if you are looking for a gift idea for yourself (I’m talking to you food lovers), a Raclette machine is an awesome gift. Yes, I am one of those people that has tons of cooking accessories on my Christmas wish list; it does make it easier for my husband!

Raclette! How I love you so…

Raclette! How I love you so…

In France, Raclette is fairly cheap, but if you try buying some Raclette at the store in the U.S, you will most likely end up breaking the bank. I usually order my Raclette online, 4 pounds at a time (that’s enough for a few Raclette parties!)

When I received my first shipment of the season (yes, there will be more than one shipment), I was very excited. It was time to invite some friends over and introduce them to this wonderful meal. I love introducing people to Raclette almost as much as eating it. I believe discovering new food is one of those pleasures that make you feel like a kid again.

Introducing a person to Raclette usually goes like this:

  • “Uhh, how does it work?” followed by explanation.
  • Then comes the anxious waiting for the cheese to melt. It always takes a little longer for the first slice to melt since the machine is not quit hot yet (then the reverse happens, you don’t have time to finish what you’re eating that the next slice of cheese has already melted!)
  • Once the cheese is melted (finally!) and poured on top of hot potatoes, the degustation starts.
  • The “Raclette virgin” then goes: Silence, Eyes open wide, Eyes slowly closing followed by “Mmmmmm! This is AWESOME!”
Assortment of Cold Meats

Assortment of Cold Meats

A little wine with the Raclette!

A little wine with the Raclette!

There is only ONE first time for everything and it is always a pleasure to introduce a friend to that wonderful meal. Lucky for me, America is full of “Raclette virgins” so I have plenty of friends to invite for Raclette night.

My friend Emily joined us for the first Raclette of the season. Like many others, Emily was a “Raclette virgin.” After that evening, she became a “Raclette lover.” Emily took all the wonderful pictures you can see on this page. She will certainly be back for another Raclette dinner, once you try it, you can never go back…

Raclette! How I love you so…

Raclette! How I love you so…

Raclette! How I love you so…

Raclette! How I love you so…

“Not so” Secret Ingredient: Raclette (and a sharp knife to cut those slices)
Radio Station: Jack Johnson
Movie to watch after dinner: The Holiday (2006). Yes, another girly movie. I picked this one because the Winter scenes make me want to eat Raclette and sit by the fireplace.
So Enjoy, Bon Appétit and C’est la Vie!

Photo Credit: Emily, author of Belles and a Whistle

10 thoughts on “Raclette! How I love you so…

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  2. Nous aussi nous avons eu notre première raclette de la saison. C’est tellement bon, mais je dois avouer que je préfère la fondue. 🙂 bisou

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