Mousse… Toujours!

Bonjour my friends,

There we are, a few days after Christmas. I love the holidays, spending time with family, eating good food, and opening presents (yes, I did get some new toys for my kitchen this year!)

Raspberry-Chocolate Mousse

Raspberry-Chocolate Mousse

Of course, the holidays are always a little bittersweet. Being an expat makes you a citizen of the world (love that term), but while the world is your home, it becomes harder to call one specific place your home. When I’m in France, my friends call me the “American” and when I’m in the States, I’m referred to as the “Frenchy.” Such is the life of the traveler! Ha-ha. Personally, I consider both places my home: The one I live in, and the one I’m from.

So during most holidays, I either spend it with my American family or my French family, but it’s rare that I can spend the holidays with both. It makes it even more special to be able to spend that time of year with either family. I’m lucky to have family and friends on both side of the Atlantic and cherish the moments I get to spend with them. Thank God for technology! You’ve got to love being able to call, text, skype etc… with your loved ones during the holidays.

I, of course, did my share of cooking this Christmas. Today, I will share with you the desert I made for Christmas Eve: the Raspberry-Chocolate Mousse.

I tried the chocolate mousse in the past, but never tried the combination with the raspberry mousse. I made that desert for a few reasons: First, I love the taste of raspberry and chocolate together. Second, I wanted something on the “lighter” side for dessert. Third, I thought it would be very “pretty” and wanted to play with my pictures!

So, without further ado, I give you the Raspberry-Chocolate Mousse!

Raspberry-Chocolate Mousse

Raspberry-Chocolate Mousse


Prepare the day BEFORE (or the morning of) your dinner party.

For 2 people (with probably some left over):


Start by making the chocolate mousse, then the raspberry mousse.

Chocolate Mousse:


  • ½ bar of baking chocolate (like Ghirardelli)
  • 25 g of butter (1/4 of a stick)
  • 1 coffee spoon of sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 coffee spoons of heavy cream

Melt butter in a cooking pot. Add chocolate in pieces. Cook on low while stirring (don’t let it boil).

Let the mixture cool down.

Meanwhile, separate yolks from whites.

Add sugar to yolks and stir until creamy. Add chocolate/butter mixture. Stir.

Beat egg whites into meringue.

Very gently, add meringue into mixture.


Fill half of serving cups with chocolate mousse. Place in Fridge.


Raspberry Mousse:


  • 250 g of fresh raspberries (about ½ a pound)
  • 2 coffee spoons of sugar
  • 3 coffee spoons of heavy cream
  • 2 coffee spoons of milk
  • 2 egg whites
  • Half a pack of gelatin

Blend raspberries into a purée. Heat up purée in a cooking pot. Add sugar. Remove from stove before it boils. Add gelatin and stir. Let it cool down.

In a bowl, whip the half and half and milk together (the colder, the better). Put aside in the fridge.

In a separate bowl, beat egg whites into meringue.

Add raspberry mixture into the half and half mixture. Stir. Very gently, add meringue into mixture.


Fill second half of serving cups with raspberry mousse. Place in Fridge for 12 hours.


Raspberry-Chocolate Mousse

Raspberry-Chocolate Mousse

Secret Ingredient:  Egg whites into meringue
Radio Station: Vivaldi
Movie to watch after dinner: A little Romance (1979). This movie was made based on my favorite book: e=mc2 mon amour. My dad bought me that book when I was 10 years old and I have read it once a year, every year around Christmas time since then. It’s a love story between 2 gifted kids (11 years old), he is French, she is American and they fall in love in Paris. Very cute and I never get tired of reading it. The movie is a little different but still very good. It was Diane Lane’s first role.

So Enjoy, Bon Appétit and C’est la Vie!

14 thoughts on “Mousse… Toujours!

  1. Very cute, both the dessert and the movie recommendation 🙂

    I can relate to your expat blues over xmas. I’m Norwegian living in Australia.. not even any snow here!

    Having family in France I’ve spend most summers there through my childhood, and French food takes me right back.. I will try a few of your recipes!

    Merci beaucoup,

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